Questions previously asked on the Accidental Tech Podcast.

Do we let our personal lives bleed onto corporate devices?

Jordan Cosentino

Is it rude to put another app’s name in your own app’s search keywords?

What are our favorite or most obscure media files?

Doc Davis

Do we use CleanMyMac X/OnyX/etc?

Donald Rabideau

Does a small amount of RAM limit SSD lifespan?

Dan Blondell

How do simultaneous writes to a SSD work?

Jan Philipp

Would Apple ever offer iCloud Backup for macOS?

Aidan Trager

How much do macOS and iOS cost?

Brenden Becherer

Do we care about the Sent with Siri footnotes in Messages?

Rohit Sharma

How is it going from shared-iTunes, separate-iCloud accounts to Family Sharing?

Peter Yang

What are we using for computer speakers?

Genaro Diaz

What do we use to keep track of finances?

Gage Benne

How does Marco sell his unwanted computers?


Why do HDR videos look so great but HDR photos… not?

Chris Lenart

Is there a way to prevent an application from stealing focus in macOS?

Wes Chamness

What’s the best way to back up your iCloud Photo Library if it can’t fit on your Mac?

What’s our deal with Apple News+ anyway?

Bryan Hoffman

Component Motherboards : SoC :: ICE : Electric Cars?

Kevin Doran

Is it possible to disable the fan on the new M1 MacBook Pro?

Matthew Taylor

Are we concerned about the longevity of M1 chips?

Colin Devroe

Do we believe in cable management?


Robot or Not: Cache edition

Chris Cioffi

Have we tried watchOS sleep tracking?

Eduardo Berner

What is taking up so much space on our phones‽

Jayanth Visweswaran

Is John going to get an OLED TV?

Tobo Granyte

Is John going to get the new Apple sleeve?

Lew Piper

What’s the deal with disk images, anyway?


What’s the reasonable lifespan of a phone?

Ian Uymatiao

What’s the point in a “real” camera?

Luke Shulman

What’s the right way for someone who knows filesystems (🛎) to back up a Mac?

Mike Lee Williams

What’s the best baby monitor experience?

Migirdich Karnigyan

Is Marco watching Tesla competition?

John Metcalf

How much disk space is left on my APFS-based storage‽

Ron Olson

Is the Mac menu bar going to become window chrome?

Michael Grossmann

Does Marco have a target loudness?

Jake Bennett-Young

How much of the macOS reviews of yore changed during the writing process?

James Andrews

What do we use to filter spam?

Michael Boyle

How should we store our older cables?

Chris Anderson

Why doesn’t macOS let you place your windows just so?

Nathaniel Cohen

How does a developer with no design skills get better at design?

Mike Milinazzo

Where does one start in the switch Windows → Mac?

A. Krishna Rao

How do we move data between computers? (Yes, again.)

Jon Aumann

Will iPhone-only apps be rotated appropriately for usage on macOS/iPad OS?

John Demco

How does John “back up” the junk valuable artifacts in his attic?

John Larson

If we can go iOS → macOS, can we go macOS → iOS?

Eduard Rozenberg

Will Apple offer CPU options on Apple Silicon powered Macs?


Do we really know a lot about Obj-C/PHP/Perl/Javascript/Swift/etc?

Colby Todisco

What is up with Intel, anyway?

Steve Lederer

Could one replace an actual computer with an iPad/iPhone, particularly for relatives?

What on earth is up with the grille on the new 4 series?!

Gavan Shanley

What’s the best unsung feature from WWDC?


How do we handle migration between Macs?

Jacob Rosin

What do our in-home wired networks look like?

Franck Hertz

What view do we use in Finder?

The Weakest Muscle

How do we clean our screens?


How do we protect our kids from the internet?


What’s the best Wi-Fi/networking setup?

Benjamin Sharbaugh

How do we move Xcode signing assets between Macs?

Jeffrey Wilkinson

But, like, really: Overcast for Mac?

Chris Niles

What clipboard managers do we use?

Play My Jam

Is iOS 13 ready yet?

Luke Arthur

Would dropping Boot Camp bring backlash?


If Apple releases an ARM-based Mac, would we buy first-gen machines?

Jamie Bender

What file system (🛎) should one use for external backups?

Unai Herrán

Will iPadOS ever become multi-user?

Pascal Lindelauf

How do I make my videoconferences sound better?

Jack Johnson

After the obvious, what should one do to alleviate RSI?

Thom Anthony

Is it a bad idea to prevent hard drives from sleeping?

Andreas Beyer Bowden

What was it like for old dudes to graduate from college?

Nate J

PHP is nuked from orbit. The world rejoices. What does Marco do?


How do we make time for listening to our favorite shows?

Aadi Bhure

Do we automate our recording setups?

Hunter Holland

What podcast episode are we most proud of having recorded, and why?

Is the 2015 15" MBP still the best laptop ever made

James Scariati

How does one get hardware to make iOS apps on the cheap?

Marcos Petri

Do we have hard-drive icons on our desktop?

Rob Fiorendino

What are some of our favorite macOS keyboard shortcuts?

If you had to use a co-hosts's machine, whose would it be?

Nicholas Gaffney

Is there a difference between an app's Open at login and System Preferences → User & Groups → Login Items?

Jon Mitchell

How do we handle the business side of the App Store?

Stephen Gerstacker

Do we shop TVs based on primary usage?


When do we use a notes app vs. a flat file?

Future Ben

What one trivial bug would you fix if you could?

Louie Mantia

How should one partition an onboard SSD?

James Irwin

Would you narrate your favorite author's audiobook?

Brian Hamilton

What's the situation with macOS security?

Anthony Scardapane

What does Marco do to avoid recursive Voice Boost?

Chris Wright

How do we use show notes as a listener?

Simo Isto

What do we think about homebrew?

Stephan Jacobs

What's the difference between ⇧/⌘/⌥ keys?

What do we name our Wi-Fi networks?

Jesse in South Dakota

Is iCloud photo sharing really this much of a mess?

Dzmitry Tabakerau

Is Swift really a 🍆?

JK Kross

If the ATP hosts took a road trip together, who is sitting where?

Tim Bornholdt

What's the deal with clamshell mode, anyway?


What's the deal with external backup drive noise, anyway?

Hans Scneider

What's the deal with the new [pro] Mac design language, anyway?


Is an AppleTV really necessary in the world of smart TVs?

Zach Pruitt

How does background app refresh work?

Adam Jaffrey

How does one archive a shedload of old email?


Should developers be fun in release notes?

Joell, probably

How should one set up iPads for out-of-state grandparents?

Mike Bollich-Ziegler

Any chance of Alexa support for Overcast?


Is AppleScript dead?


How do we keep our computers in sync?

Chris Kast

Should we enable iMessage read receipts?

Ryan Morey

When is a language ready for use on servers?

Bastian Inuk

Can Marco track total listen time for an Overcast account?

René Ferguson

Could Adobe's iOS apps be used as a basis for ARM-native apps?


Is Geekbench a good metric when comparing across architectures?

Josh Hattersley

What's the state of podcast marketshare?


Should one get a Mac Mini now or wait?

Paul Dunahoo

Should I wait to buy a new Mac until they're on ARM?

James Shield

Why hasn't Time Machine been updated to use symbolic links?

Adam Spelbring

How does one get started with Letterbox D?

Andrew Myers

How can I tell if I would benefit most from higher single core or multicore performance?

Tom Zosh

Is wired CarPlay crummy?

Kenny Long

🙉 Destiny stuff 🙉


Will progress bars ever become more accurate?

Chris Wright

What app(s) do we use to write prose?

Charles Clements

Does a computer really need a UPS?

Tom Hartnett

Why can't we family share contacts?

Dan Stanton

Why don't Casey and John join the iPhone Upgrade Program?


What non-high-tech tech do we enjoy?


Why do external drives eject after sleep?


We revisit the "communities" question

Marco Silva

What game controller should one buy for Apple Arcade?

Matthias Lüdtke

When would we hire a professional photographer?

James Gates

What do we think about message apps/services for communities?

Marco Silva

What color scheme do we use for Terminal?

Mike Taffet

What are some techniques to avoid RSI?

Mark Bramhill

What year will USB-C ports be mainstreamed in cars?

Nicholas Gaffney

What does Marco look for in a watch?


What non-Apple tech makes us happy/excited?

Colin Devroe

Do we use portrait orientation lock on our iPads & iPhones?

Tom Tubbs

Introducing children to video games, and the correct order of Zelda games

[the other] David Sparks

FaceApp and tin-foil hats

Brad Siefert

How does one play RTS games on a Mac without a gaming PC?


How does one deal with impostor syndrome

Ryan Monaghan

Testing headphones

Prone to Bits

iOS 13's politeness

Prone to Bits

Making suggestions as part of the Pro Workflow Team

Aaron Bushnell

Siracusa ranks Tennists

Anthony Roberts

What is our one true iMessage address?

Matthew Loewen

Does Siracusa use LFG sites?

Hassan Al Amiri

Most bang-for-your-buck $1000 Mac

BJ Nemeth, among others

Do our cars or our iPads have more stickers?

Josh Lewis

Do we fill up our 256 GB phones?

Erik Neu

What is the most valuable language to learn for modern students?

Sarah Anne

Naming computers

Ron Olson

Catalina's move from bash to zsh?

Pedro Estarque

Caring for our 📷 at the 🏖️

Tyler Menard

How does the Overcast recommendation engine work?

Markus Ernst

What's the best way to enter "the zone" while programming?

Paul Wood III

What happens to Overcast/Vignette/ATP/etc when we pass?

Leon Zandman

Would Apple re-implement Target Display Mode on the 5K iMac?

Jack Frydai

What software does Marco use to manage servers?

Chris Hubbard

What do we think about people listening at higher speeds than 1x?

Jospeh Dijkstra

What do we think about mouse pads?

Andy Beyer-Bowden

Buying an old-generation MacBook Air as new today?

Jon Schwenn

How were the WWDC box lunches this year?

many, including Tim Schmitz

How to choose a macro lens?

Colton Belfils

What should one do to protect old computers?

James Andrews

How does Marco treat Tesla's "Autopilot"?


Are comments in code a "code smell"?

Alex White

How does John rate movies?

Dan Provost

What's our WWDC EDC?

M Roselius

What do we listen to when we code?

Thom Bullock

How do we configure Macs used by other family members?


What resources help us be... slightly less ignorant white dudes?

Brie Macnish

What naming convention do we use for stuff on our Macs?

Keegan Sands

Why does Apple bother with AWS?


What are our favorite sports cars?

Paul Wood III

Is it bad to use high-wattage chargers even though the devices get warm?

Sean Kelker

How do version numbers work?


How do we keep code snippets for reference?

Vincent Steinmann

Have any tips on booking a Disney World vacation?

Stephen Kim

What do we use to post/share photos?

Andrew Wade

Do we still check drive health?

Jack Mordoj

Why doesn't Marco lease iPhones?

Jacob Ford

Would Marco still recommend the 2015 MacBook Pro?

David Mikucki

How is Overcast adoption of CarPlay vs. Apple Watch?

Chris Adamson

Is Perl dead?

Gustavo Poscidonio

Can using AirPods in loud environments cause hearing damage?

How much will John spend on a new Mac Pro?

Matt Corkum

Are we really professional podcasters?


How do you purge many old apps at once?

Mark Heeler

Does John still want a spatial finder?

Platy Hsu

Why bother with a Synology when you can roll your own NAS?

Dan Zaccaro

Could the next Apple TV be wireless?

Ed Cormany

Is wireless CarPlay a deal-breaker?

Eddie Lee

How is season 3 of The Grand Tour?

Paul Walker (not that one)

How do we feel about buying refurbished tech products?

David Hadley

How does one move from being a beginner to intermediate programmer, especially with code structure?

Ryan Bible

What size wheels should one get on a new car?

Nathan Miller

What external drives do we recommend?

Steve Lowe

How does Reopen windows when logging back in work?

Michael Haren

What does Marco think about Spotify's acquisition of Gimlet?

Alex Kadis

Is it worth cleaning dust out of MacBooks?

Oliver Dejon

Is it worth upgrading the CPU on a family iMac?

Jeremy Kenison

Is tweeting a good idea?


What happens to projects like homebrew if the ARM transition happens?

Andrew Jaffe

How do we avoid crapping on future tech that we don't inherently understand?

John Wilander

How do we handle snark? Why is it so prevalent in tech?

Mike McPhaden

Why didn't John buy a 2013 Mac Pro?

Wojtek Pietrusiewicz

Do we all play Super Smash Brothers?

Marco Silva

What Siri Shortcuts do we use?

Todd Vaziri

How does one preserve podcasts?

Fred McCann

Apparently something Destiny-related.

Graham Wetzler

What does John think about the Nintendo Switch controller?

Josh A.

How will the new AirPods charge?

Ankur Oberoi

What's up with Apple putting Beats stereos in Volkswagens?


What's the ATP editing process?

Markus N

Do Marco and Casey use Xcode in full-screen mode?


Does Overcast do anything special to inhibit cookies?

Mitch Cohen

If Intel got its act together, would Apple cancel any ARM Mac plans and stick with Intel?

Gabriel Salkin

What's important for a new TV?

Kapila Wimalaratne

How does one compress a ripped Blu-ray?


How do I learn the command line?

Brian Edwards

Why not use Dropbox or equivalent for everything?

Drew Shannon

What kind of hardware should one get to run a Plex server?

Justin Winchester

How do we balance work and play?

Eric Wagner

Do we have opinions about endianness?

Matt Christensen

Are "real" cameras really better than the really good iPhone cameras?

David Beck

What's the highest value food item, quality vs. effort?